Landscape photography by Jaan peets


Welcome to my  new website!

My photography is primarily landscape - sometimes the big vista, and sometimes the intimate landscape. I am fascinated by the process of extracting a well designed, strong image from a visually complex, even chaotic, world.

Previously I worked primarily with medium and large format cameras. Film has a long history, and is its own medium. Unfortunately, a lot of the materials and services associated with film have become rare or obsolete.

I am transitioning to the digital world, and exploring the possibilities of this medium. I am not interested in heavily manipulated images that bear little resemblance to the “real world”, but seek to achieve a generally naturalistic effect. I love the often vibrant colors in nature, but also appreciate subtle tonal variations and textures.

Much of my work has an abstract quality to it, especially images working with stone.

Please look around my galleries - I hope that you will share my appreciation for the beauty of that natural world.

Photographs of the natural world

All images on this site are available for sale, either as mounted canvas prints, or as framed and matted prints on archival paper.

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